About Us

We are a boutique agency, representing a small group of working models & talent, which gives us  
the ability to work closely with them and concentrate on their individual careers.
In the 1970's, Miami Beach became known as God's Waiting Room. It's younger sons and  
daughters looked around, cringed, and booked the next flight out. They couldn't be blamed, really.  
The area had decayed badly and there was no reason to stay.
Into this morass stepped Michele Pommier, a supermodel turned entrepreneur. Pommier took one  
look at all that the fleeing youngsters waved away "the sunshine, the palm trees, that ocean!" And  
saw opportunity. She envisioned a future where others saw a void.
Give Pommier credit for being the first to open a modeling agency in Miami, in 1979. She recognized  
South Beach as a viable photo location, extolled its virtues, and challenged others to join her. She  
raised the bar of the fashion and beauty industry of this area, bringing it up to international  
This Westport, Connecticut native was one of the most recognized models in the '70s. She started  
out with the esteemed Ford agency in New York City. Later, having accomplished as a model what  
she wanted to accomplish, she set out to be an agency owner. Pommier moved to Coral Gables  
and opened an agency and prepared for the deluge she knew would follow. It did, she stayed, and  
thousands have made their careers off of her 1979 vision.